Sunday, February 06, 2005

ARN Board: Einstein's Theory May Be Relatively Wrong

ARN Board: Einstein's Theory May Be Relatively Wrong: "

The poster accepted a somewhat blown out proportions article in the media and failed to actually look at the paper in question.

Even Answers in Genesis reports

A word of caution

But, intriguingly, it now turns out that the fine-structure constant is in fact slightly different in light from distant stars compared to nearby ones. In fact, this is the very reason that physicists of the stature of Davies are now prepared to challenge the assumption that light speed has always been constant. And in addition to being different from the prediction of the Setterfield theory, this research by itself does not support c-decay theory of the magnitude that Setterfield proposed. The change is billions of times too small. In fact, the newspaper hype surrounding Davies’ theory, and the quotes attributed to him, hardly seem to be justified by the Nature article itself, which is rather speculative.

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